April Model of the Month, Briana

Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as a model? What got you interested in this career?

Growing up I dealt with a lot of self-confidence issues. When I was just two-years old I got my first (of many) pairs of glasses, which were needed to correct a lazy-eye and took up half of my face. I had the biggest, curliest, untamed hair and eventually I was bullied for having extremely crooked teeth. I never considered myself beautiful growing up but as soon as I started modeling everything changed.

Modeling has helped me break out of my shell and become the most confident version of myself. I feel so beautiful in front of a camera, I sometimes can't believe I get paid to do this! Little Briana would be so proud

Have you ever attended modeling or acting school? Do you have any college degrees?

I've never attended modeling or acting school, although that was always a dream of mine. I studied Business and Chemistry at Pace University. Initially I went to school to become a chemistry teacher because of how much I loved the subject but I quickly realized teaching wasn't for me.

I ended up combining Chemistry with Business which really set me apart and opened so many doors. I'll forever be so grateful for my education

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

I'm extremely handy. I grew up with my father, an extremely gifted carpenter. My childhood involved a lot of building and repairing things with him.

Whether it's kitchen cabinets or repurposing furniture I love working with my hands and I'm not afraid to take on a large task. I have a deep passion for home renovation and interior design, and I'd like to think i'm pretty good at it. I definitely got these gifts from my dad

Any beauty secrets?

Less is more when it comes to beauty. I used to work for a leading luxury beauty brand and I had a 15-step skincare regime with oils, serums, masks and heavy moisturizers. Little did I know thats what was causing all of my breakouts and rashes.

I switched over to simple moisturizing cleanser and water based moisturizer which has totally cleared my acne. I use retinol at night and a Vitamin C serum in the morning which helps with any texture/discoloration. Simplifying a skincare routine can really transform your skin.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger?

I wish I knew how great my potential was. I sometimes wish I can tell my younger self that I could literally do/be anything I ever dreamed of with hard work.

I wish I knew that the little things that I used to get caught up on would not matter later on and I shouldn't let them determine my worth.

What brings you the most joy? What makes you smile?

Nothing brings me more joy than being an aunt. I have five beautiful nieces, ages ranging from 2-weeks-old to 16-years-old. 

They are my greatest motivation in life and it brings me joy to know that I'm making a positive impact in their lives