How do I apply?

We accept submissions via email: [email protected]
Click here to view our 'How To Apply' page for more information

What is the Influencer Board?

Our influencer board consists of all our models, actors, bloggers, stylists, and personalities that have a large following on social media. They are available for social media advertising, product placement, appearances and endorsements.

Influencers are loved and trusted by their audience. When they recommend something, their audience is more likely to purchase that particular product or service. Whether you are a local business or international company, social media marketing can be a powerful tool for building brand awareness and increase referral sales. 

Our influencers specialize in markets such as: 

Fashion & Beauty 
Sports, Health, & Nutrition
Food & Beverage 
Pet Products 
Entertainment & Celebrity Influence
& more

What is influencer marketing? How does social media advertising work?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which focus is placed on influential people rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies the individuals that have influence over potential buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Our founder, Briana, has a background in social media advertising & communications and is available for a free strategy session upon request

Do you have reels on file for your talent?
Yes. We have reels, digitals and resumes on file for all our talent. Reels and digitals are also viewable right on our website

Are there any fees to be signed with Long Island Models?

No, we only receive our payment when you book a job through us. No up-front or web fees

Can my child sign up?

Yes, we sign talent of all ages.
Everyone under 18 years of age must have working papers, a trust fund account, and fill out specific paperwork.

How do I obtain working papers for my child?

Working papers can be provided by contacting the New York State Department of Labor

How do I set up a trust fund for my child?

Trust funds can be opened at your local bank

I am not knowledgable about how to build my social media page, can you help me with this?

Yes, this is our specialty and what makes us stand out from other agencies! We are more than happy to help our talent build their social media pages

If I sign with you, will I just be pushed to the side and not be submitted?

No, this is something we make sure never happens. We do our best to keep our files highly organized in our database to make sure you never miss out on a booking. We will always submit our talent for all appropriate bookings

I don’t have any experience, can I still sign up?

We require our actors and actresses to have professional training in a theater or film related program. If you do not have modeling experience, we are happy to help develop you

Do you charge for photos? 

No, we do not charge or take photos for our talent directly. You can get your photos taken with any photographer you’d like, or we are happy to refer one to you

Do you have open calls?

No, we are only accepting online submissions at this time

Do you accept walk-ins?

No. To set up an appointment, please email us at [email protected]