January 2019 Model of the Month - Tricia!

Where are you from?

I was born and raised on Long Island. North Babylon to be exact

How did you get started in this field?

I got involved with musical theater at a young age. After high school I went to NYCDA to study acting for film and television in New York City. After I graduated in 2013 I was eager to get myself out there.

At the time I was still building my portfolio so it was hard to get work. You know the saying, "If you can't get work, create your own?" Thats what I did. I started working with friends who were photographers and was organizing my own shoots. My portfolio built up quickly, and ever since I have been working consistently

Who are some of your favorite icons that have influenced you?

Hugh Jackman, Sandra Bullock and Gina Rodriquez are some of the many that have influenced my career. I admire their work, what they stand for and how they carry themselves in the industry


Anything that involves being physically active, boxing is a favorite of mine. I also enjoy seeing films, reading scripts and dining out

Career Highlights?

Every opportunity I've been given has been amazing. Most recently I worked on a kickboxing project where I was able to show off my technique and do what I love (Thanks Briana!)

Long Term Goals?

To continue doing great work with great people. Sky's the limit!

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