October 2017 Model of the Month - Stefanie S!

October 2017 Model of the Month

Stefanie S!

1) Where are you from?
      I am from New York City! I was born in Staten Island, but consider Brooklyn to be my home and the borough that raised me! I spent a brief part of my childhood in New Jersey, but soon after my mother moved us back to New York and we settled in Brooklyn. 

2) How did you get started in this field?

       Growing up and throughout college especially, people always told me that I had such an interesting/unique look. Over the years, the general sentiment of that compliment changed--people started simply saying "you could be a model!" And, of course, people always complimented me on my big curly hair. One day, between the comments, compliments, and suggestions something clicked. It was the summer after I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing [from Brooklyn College of course!], and I felt unsure of what my next move should be. At the head of a fresh start in my life, I decided to finally pursue and investigate this secret passion. Growing up I was always in theatre, acting in school productions throughout my tweens and teens. I've always loved being in front of the camera. So finally, at 22, I decided to start a career in modeling!

3) Who are some of your favorite icons that have influenced you?

       I love Ashley Graham, and what her career stands for. She is undeniably different, and yet she's graced the cover of several major magazines. I am not plusize, but I am quite petite, have a quirky gap in my teeth, and more hair than can fit in an ordinary frame. I'm different and I feel inspired when I see difference rising to the top!

5) Career highlights?

           The biggest career highlight was the day that I got the call to confirm I was booked to be on the Medium Red Brown Dark and Lovely Color Gloss box. A five-year buyout, with a life-changing rate, and having my face on a box of the # 1 ethnic hair brand's dye was a literal dream come true. I grew up seeing black women in my family, and community use Dark and Lovely Brand dyes; this company was the standard for black women wanting to dye their hair. Being selected for a Dark and Lovely packaging buyout, so early in my career was incredible. 

          As someone with thick natural curly hair, I spend a lot of time taking care of my hair, grooming it, detangling, and general maintenance. Being selected for a project that focused on black women with natural hair, felt like all of my hard work and dedication to my mane finally paid off! 

         And, then there's Target. I LOVE Target. I love to shop there; anyone in my family knows, I am pretty much always down for a Target run. My love for the store was probably solidified in the year that I worked there [as a Cashier, and then later a Starbucks Barista] in my late teens. Shortly after booking my Dark and Lovely project, I got a call about a possible direct booking for Target Electronics. After some scheduling blips, I was booked! I shot a signage job with them, and by May of that year, I had another reason to stop in to Target stores--MY FACE WAS IN THE CAMERA AISLES!

6) What are your long term goals?

      My long term goals are to continue to book exciting, and inspiring print projects/commercials/spots. I want to continue to show my spirit and light to the world. We are all blessed with mediums to proliferate our magic. I know now, and perhaps have always known, that my magic is meant for transmission via the CAMERA LENS ;)