October 2018 Model of the Month - Katie!

Where are you from?

I am originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania

How did you get started in this field?

I started out when I was a kid performing in school, community theater and regional theater productions. After college, where I studied English, Theater and Music, I started traveling for regional theater. Always having dreamt of working in television and film, I started to focus more on On-Camera work and classes, and began doing commercial, print, TV and film work!

Who are some of your favorite icons that have influenced you?

My favorite movie as a child was The Wizard of Oz so Judy Garland was always an inspiration. Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock are all actresses I greatly admire. I also love comedy and really admire Tina Fey, Steve Martin and Will Ferrell.

Career Highlights?

My first "dream come true" role was playing Belle in Beauty and the Beat, that was always a childhood dream of mine! This past year I've worked on some films I'm really proud of such as A Very Nutty Christmas, My Daughter Vanished, Murder At The Mansion, and You Got Ma'amed. Appearing in Law & Order SVU, The Blacklist and Hired have all been amazing experiences as well


I like to be active and workout regularly and have always loved to play tennis! I also love to travel and explore new cultures, read, write and listen to podcasts. Singing and dancing will always be passions of mine as well.

Long Term Goals?

I want to continue working in television and film, and continue to build my career moving as much in that direction as possible. My goal is ultimately to be fortunate enough to do what I love doing everyday, with the hope of inspiring people through the art. I also have a dream of one day writing a book!