September 2017 Model of the Month - Caroline M!

We are happy to announce our September Model of the Month - Caroline M!

Caroline quickly became one of our most requested models, we are excited to see what is in store for her in the future!

1) Where are you from?

New York born and raised. 

2) How did you get started in this field?

It was about a year ago that I decided to pursue a career in acting and modeling seriously. I always had a desire to act, and I created my own content with friends while in high school and college. I started taking acting classes that resulted in that metaphorical light switch to go off and say, "Why not?" I knew I'd always regret not at least attempting to throw myself into this world that I really felt I would love. I had been working in the mental health field for a number of years at the point when I decided to pursue this wild dream. 

3) Who are some of your favorite icons that have influenced you?

I have so many, it's hard to choose! Some of my favorite icons that I've been influenced by in various ways would be David Bowie, Michelle Williams, Kathy Bates, Pamela Adlon, Kathryn Hahn, Björk, Stanley Kubrick, Karen O, I could go on...

5) Career highlights?

So far, I'd have to say landing the lead in an independent film that I also became an associate producer on. It's been a lot of hard work and an incredible experience. It will be premiering this October, and I'm very excited to share it!

6) What are your long term goals?

I just want to keep working on projects that not only I really believe in but I myself would also enjoy watching. I would love to keep acting and modeling, and one day take one of my stories that I've written and bring it to life by producing and or directing it myself. To always work with creative and passionate people and be able to continuously create meaningful content for the world to enjoy would be the ultimate goal. Also, to make a cameo appearance in a Muppet movie some day :)