May 2018 Model of the Month - Rozalinda!

We are happy to announce our

May 2018

Model of the Month


The perfect choice for our May feature, Rozalinda is 
a true ray of sunshine and a delight to have on our roster!

Where are you from?

I am originally from Hungary, now living in New York and I love it.

How did you get started in this field?

My mother used to work for a famous photographer. One say she showed him pictures of me and he suggested I get into modeling. I was lucky enough to have a photoshoot with her and learn from both of them. Ever since that shoot I put myself out there as much as possible to connect with more people in the industry. This helped me book more shoots and build a strong portfolio, so now I am able to do this full time. 

Who are some of your favorite icons that have influenced you?

I see beauty in everyone and everything. I don't think there was one specific person I can mention who influenced me, here in New York you see something new everyday and meet so many different people, each getting stuck in your mind forever and keep you moving towards a better version of yourself. 

"I see beauty in everyone 

and everything"


I like outdoor activities. Listening to birds chirping or the sound of waves at the beach. Anything that can break the monotone daily routine of New York, the concrete jungle.

Career Highlights?

In 2016 I was published in US Vogue twice, it was a dream come true. 

Long Term Goals?

As a model I would love to be on a Times Square billboard one day. I have other long term plans like moving back to nature and living a calmer, slower country lifestyle in a cabin with lots of cats!

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